Why a career at Makro?

Makro is a growing business with great opportunities for staff. We focus on the transfer of learning in the workplace to aid the optimization of individual growth and performance.


You have the ability to choose a career that would suit your profile from Merchandising (Buying and Planning); Supply Chain, Marketing, Business Systems and Process, Retail Operations, Information Systems, Industrial Engineering and Finance.


Trust in us to provide you with an engaging, motivating career, through an employment proposition which has personal growth at its core, opportunities for your development within the retail and wholesale sector, and remuneration and rewards that match the performance of your area of influence.

Together we experience and enjoy a compelling and engaging work environment characterised by:

  • A broad and progressive benefit suite aimed at enabling the holistic wellbeing and security of all the members of our Makro family
  • A competitive reward and recognition offering in return for loyalty, hard work and above average results
  • A high performance environment providing opportunities for continuous learning and personal growth
  • A deep care for the communities and environment in which we operate
  • An unerring respect for the individual coupled with a passion for teamwork to achieve BIG things
  • The inherent and fundamental respect for and recognition of tradition and family values
  • The strength and sustainability of an organisation founded in a strong legacy of service and delivery
  • An innovative business and operating model

“At Makro we respect each other and it is truly like family, we are there for each other in good and bad times. As long as a person is willing to learn you will fit right in.”

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