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Metro Police, Traffic and Law Enforcement: Learnership


  • Grade 12 qualification
  • Must be deemed medically and physically fit (as per below
  • Valid Code B Driving Licence
  • Must be able to work in a team and cope with stressful situations
  • No Criminal Record
  • Applicants must permanently reside within the jurisdiction of Cape
    Note: All shortlisted candidates will be required to undertake and
    pass the following compulsory fitness test
  • 2.4 km run (Males 12:30 minutes and Females 16:00 minutes)
  • Push-ups (30 in 60 seconds)
  • Sit-ups (30 in 60 seconds)
    Note: Candidates will:
  • Be required to pass a written assessment and an interview
  • Be required to pass a physical assessment
  • Be required to submit their fingerprints or identity numbers for
    checking criminal records. No other criminal clearances will be
  • Be required to undergo a City medical evaluation
  • Be required to undergo a compulsory drug test at a City testing
    venue and continuous random drug tests thereafter
  • Be required to undergo continuous psychological assessment
  • Be required to maintain levels of fitness and undergo ongoing
    fitness assessments
  • Candidates will be subject to the code of Conduct of the
    Metropolitan Police Training Academy, as well as the pass
    requirements stipulated by the Academy and in line with relevant
    unit standards
  • Be contractually bound to refund the City following: unilateral
    withdrawal; failure to complete the course for disciplinary reasons or

Key Performance Areas
The City is embarking on a drive to train 1000 recruits on a 18 month
fulltime Learnership Program in Road Traffic Law Enforcement and
Metro Police. This forms part of the City of Cape Town’s commitment
in addressing the high levels of unemployment in our youth, as well as
providing the necessary opportunities for skills enhancement.
This skills development initiative is to provide training in Traffic Services
and Metro Police. Once completed, the acquired skills will
significantly enhance opportunities for employment in the Traffic, Law
Enforcement and Metro Police Enforcement environment.
The City invites suitably qualified and unemployed youth aged 18 –
35, who meet the relevant minimum requirements for a learnership in
Road Traffic Law Enforcement and Metro Police.
The training will be provided by the Metro Police Academy and the
duration will be over a period of 18 months from 1 December 2023
until 31 May 2025.
Trainees must successfully complete the Further Education and
Training Certificate: Road Traffic Law Enforcement as well as Law
Enforcement Skills Program SP4/2012.
It must be emphasised there is no automatic guarantee of
employment following the successful completion of the course.
Special conditions attached to the post:

  • The City is not obligated to offer a permanent position after
    completion of the training; candidates will be required to undergo
    extensive physical training, whilst at the Academy and training in
    accordance with the Firearm and Ammunitions Act.
  • Successful candidates will be required to wear a uniform, work shifts
    and in all weather conditions.
    How to Apply
  • By submitting your application for a position at the City of Cape
    Town, you are consenting that the personal information submitted as
    part of your application may be used for the purposes of the
    Recruitment and Selection process

Please note that no hard copy or emailed applications will be
In order to apply on-line, applicants must first create an e-Services
Account on the City of Cape Town Website:

  • Applicants must apply on-line via eRecruitment on
  • On-line applications must include the submission:
    o A certified copy of your South African Identity Document (no
    affidavits will be accepted)
    o A recently certified copy of matric certificate
  • Applicants may use any computer with internet access to apply.
    Smart phones are not compatible with this on-line application
    process and cannot be used to apply.
  • Applicants may use a Smart Cape computer at a City of Cape
    Town Library if they are a library member. (To become a library
    member, you will need to apply for membership at a library with your
    ID and proof of residence.)
  • Shortlisted candidates will be informed via SMS or telephonically
    when to report to the identified venue to complete the compulsory
  • Shortlisted candidates are advised to bring their own gear, food
    and refreshments to the testing venue.
  • Only applicants with no criminal record and no pending criminal
    cases, awaiting trial and/or pending sentencing cases will be
    considered for employment.
  • Only applicants, who have undergone a compulsory drug test and
    are found to be drug free, will be considered for employment.
    Closing Date: 21.07.2023
    Please note that no late applications will be considered.
    There should be no expectation of receiving a job offer by applying
    for, and subsequently being tested and found competent.
    Canvassing by job applicants or, any other person on behalf of job
    applicants, for posts within the Council’s Service is prohibited and
    evidence thereof will disqualify the applicant’s application for
    consideration for appointment.

If appointed, candidates are required to make themselves available
to work as they are rostered, and are not permitted to have other
employment or run a private business whilst in the employ of the City
without the City Manager’s written permission.
Random testing for possession and or consumption of drugs / alcohol
/ illegal substances may be carried out during the course of

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