Job Application for Barista

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Job Application for Barista

AVI Limited

Johannesburg, Gauteng


Closing Date 11 June 2024

Job Description

The Coffee Importers and Roasters Organisation (CIRO) is a true coffee emporium. As the preferred one-stop solution, CIRO offers expert services in sourcing, roasting, blending, packaging, training, equipment, technical support, national and international distribution and market trend analysis. As the largest manufacturer of pure coffee in South Africa, it is easy to understand why CIRO is a noteworthy front-runner within the coffee service industry and renowned for consistent quality, innovative product formats and extra value offering.

An exciting opportunity exists for a Barista at CIRO in Bryanston. 

Line Manager: National Customer Services Manager

Job Specification:

Key Performance Areas:

  • Greet (walk to guest) and serve every PERSON that enters through the coffee Bar / reception area – especially guest reporting to reception.
  • Keep a vibey, light and coffee passionate atmosphere at all times
  • Once a customer enters the coffee bar area, you must turn and make eye contact and greet the customer by requesting the drink order. Never turn back to customer.
  • Always have all equipment ready for service.
  • Ensure that all beverages are ALWAYS served according to the specified method for each drink.
  • Ensure that equipment is checked and maintained on weekly basis.
  • Smoothie and juice machines are cleaned and maintained on weekly basis.

  • Keep the guest counter free of dirty cups/cloths/trays/sugar sachets etc. at all times.
  • Wipe the guest counter.
  • Keep the guest coffee shop tables clean at all times.
  • Keep the beverage preparation counter clean at all times.
  • No dirty crockery in the washing basin for longer than 5 minutes
  • Replenish the crockery and cutlery within half an hour
  • Ensure the floors are free of large waste items (paper/sugar sachets/stirrers).
  • Clean out the dustbin twice a day – if necessary
  • No clutter from the technician team may

 Product and Equipment control

  • Ensure that sufficient product is available in the coffee Bar at all time
  • Order timeously for product to arrive – Coffee Bar should never be out of product
  • Take Equipment and Product stock every day at 15:30

Record Keeping

  • Keep record of all product orders – system to be implemented for Coffee Bar
  • Keep record of every drink served in the Coffee Bar

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Matric
  • Previous work experience as Barista or similar role
  • Hands-on experience with brewing equipment


  • Understanding others
  • Being composed
  • Attention to details
  • Staying composed
  • Maintaining productivity
  • Be self-assured
  • Recovering from setbacks  


Job Application for Barista

Online Application


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