The Sassa R350 grant has been approved, How to Appeal or Check Status Online

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The Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) The Social Relief of Distress Grant is a critical social safety net program administered by the South African government. This grant is established under the provisions of the Social Assistance Act of 2004 and is implemented in coordination with the Minister of Finance.

The SRD Grant is designed to provide temporary financial assistance to individuals who are facing acute distress or hardship. It is intended for South African citizens, refugees, asylum seekers, and special permit holders between the ages of 18 and 60 years. To qualify for the SRD Grant, an individual must demonstrate that they have insufficient means to support themselves, are not receiving any other social grants, and are not contributing to or eligible for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) payments.

The SRD Grant aims to alleviate the financial burden on vulnerable individuals and families during times of crisis or economic uncertainty. It serves as a vital lifeline for those who have fallen through the cracks of the social security system or are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties. The grant provides a modest, but essential, monthly cash transfer to help beneficiaries cover basic necessities such as food, shelter, and essential expenses.

The implementation of the SRD Grant is a collaborative effort between the government’s social development and finance ministries. This interdepartmental coordination ensures that the program is administered effectively and efficiently, reaching those who are most in need. The grant is reviewed and adjusted periodically to ensure that it continues to address the evolving needs of the target population.

Applicants or their proxy will need to confirm or provide the below information to enable SASSA to consider their application

  • Confirmation that they have read and accepted the clauses in the Declaration and Consent Documents
  • Personal Details
  • Mobile Number (cell phone number)
  • Employment Information and Lifestyle Sustainability Information
  • Banking Information

How do I apply for this SRD Grant

Application status

Lodge an Appeal or Check an Appeal Status




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